Which Pay Per Call Services Are Right For Your Business?

There are several pay per call services available on the market today. Some of them are Astoria Company, ClickDealer, CallerReady, and HyperTarget Marketing. However, it is important to choose the right one for your business and target market. To choose the right service, you need to understand its features and limitations.

Astoria Company

The Astoria Company provides advertisers with a wide range of pay per call services to grow their audience. The company has a proven track record and extensive network of paid traffic sources. The Astoria Company is also industry leading in the set-up, management, and support of pay per call campaigns. As a result, advertisers can be confident that they are getting high quality leads from their advertising campaigns.

In addition to its call-based services, Astoria offers lead generation websites and other performance-based marketing tools. These tools are integrated with online campaigns and track clicks and calls. Many advertisers opt for web integration code, which displays the issued phone number on their landing page, replacing their main toll-free number.


ClickDealer is one of the most reputed Pay per Call Networks. It offers exclusive offers, competitive payouts, and maximum exposure for your campaigns. Thousands of advertisers use ClickDealer to boost their online presence. Moreover, the affiliate program is a lucrative way to promote your site.

Pay per call affiliate programs allow you to promote a specific phone number and receive commissions on every sale made over the phone. Pay per call affiliate programs can earn you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for a single lead. ClickDealer is one of the top performing affiliate marketing networks and offers 24×7 technical support.


CallerReady is a powerful pay per call marketing platform that allows advertisers, publishers, and marketing networks to increase the number of qualified phone calls. They can offer more qualified calls through their platform, which is a great way to maximize their profits. Here are some benefits of using CallerReady.

CallerReady is highly customizable and includes a fully functional CRM. Its tools enable marketers to sell leads, close sales, and distribute leads. In addition, it supports both standard and custom integration, and is compatible with legacy systems.

HyperTarget Marketing

HyperTarget Marketing is an LA-based company that offers a wide range of pay-per-call services. The company prides itself on its proven processes and unique traffic sources. Their goal is to produce high quality inbound calls and excellent publisher support. They have also developed proprietary call marketing technologies that are unique to the company. Their Ping Tree technology expands buyer coverage and bolsters earnings per call.

PPC advertising can be highly targeted, and is particularly effective in driving traffic to a website. PPC ads can be set up in minutes and can target different demographics and offer different offers. The company also offers AB testing and real-time changes to the ads. In addition, PPC advertisements can help increase brand awareness. They also place your website in front of users more often than most other forms of online marketing.


Revimedia is one of the most popular pay per call networks in the market. This network has been in business for more than ten years and has an extensive global reach. It manages click-to-call and transfer campaigns for a variety of advertisers. It also has direct relationships with many advertisers in the USA. It offers a range of flexible payment terms.

Its pay per call services focus on quality and matching affiliates with merchants. Their offerings cover a wide variety of niches, including car sales, real estate, tech support, and travel. Their services are flexible and easy to integrate into your own website. They also offer competitive buffers and payouts.