Pachamama Nicotine Salts E-liquid Review

Pachamama Salt is a delicious gourmet salt that is made using a unique method that creates a smoky and earthy taste. It can be used to season just about anything, but it’s especially great when paired with fruits, spices, and other food.

Icy Mango

Icy Mango by Pachamama Salts is a sweet and juicy mango vape juice with a hint of icy menthol. Whether you’re a mango fan or just a fan of fruity e-liquids, you’re sure to enjoy this flavor!

This e-juice is a blend of mango nectar and a menthol base. The icy menthol brings the ripe fruit and sweetness to a frosty finish. It’s a wonderful and refreshing taste that will keep you going throughout the day.

Pachamama Salts Icy Mango is available in 30 ml bottles. It comes in either 25 or 50 mg of nicotine. You can find it at VaporFi.

It is also available in a unicorn bottle. This is a great option for beginners and advanced vapers. The 50mg version offers a strong hit that is not overpowering. However, you should not vape this e-juice on sub-ohm devices.

Fuji apple

Fuji Apple is one of the many flavors in the Pachamama Salts line by Charlie’s Chalk Dust. The fruit flavored nicotine salt is a true taste of the tropics and has a slightly less pronounced throat hit than the traditional nic salt.

Pachamama’s lineup is designed to make vapers feel good with every puff. Aside from the fruit flavored Nic Salts, they have a variety of vape juices and accessories that make it easy to find the best vape for your needs.

The Pachamama salts line has some of the best fruit flavored nic salts on the market. They have produced the most recognizable fruits on the market and made them into a nifty little Nic Salt. Among the many products in the Pachamama lineup, Fuji Apple is perhaps the most impressive.

Strawberry Watermelon

The sweet and juicy overtones of ripe watermelons combine with the natural taste of strawberries in Pachamama’s Strawberry Watermelon Nic Salt e-liquid. If you’re a fan of nic salt vapes, you’ll definitely want to try this one.

This nicotine salt has been specially formulated for vapers who love fruity flavors, but don’t like a strong throat hit. In fact, you might find that you’re able to enjoy the flavor of your favorite strawberry e-liquid even more than usual when you use this version.

Not only does Pachamama’s Strawberry Watermelon SYN Nic Salt e-juice have a bold and refreshing flavor, it also provides extreme satisfaction. This particular flavor is made with a unique hybrid nicotine blend.

Pachamama’s Strawberry Watermelon e-juice is the perfect choice for those looking for a tasty vape juice that’s great for all day use. It’s also a good choice for those who prefer nicotine salts because it’s available in both a 10mg and 20mg strength.

Honeydew Melon

Honeydew Melon is a sweet, fruity e-liquid from Pachamama Salts. The flavor is a mix of sweet honeydew nectar and light watermelon juice. This nic-salt e-juice is perfect for those who are looking for a refreshing vape.

Honeydew Melon by Pachamama Salts is a fruity, melon flavored vape juice that is sure to please any taste buds. It is available in both 10mg and 20mg nicotine strength, which makes it ideal for vapers who want to enjoy a fruity flavored e-liquid.

Honeydew Melon by Pachamama is a great all day vape. The e-liquid is sweet and fruity, and it has a smooth mouthfeel and a satisfying throat hit.

Despite its sweet taste, Honeydew Melon by Pachamama does not overdo the flavor. Instead, the nic-salts deliver accurate, robust flavor. On the exhale, the honeydew melon flavor subsides, leaving only a trace of sweetness.


The Pachamama Salts company has a slew of cleverly crafted e-liquids on offer. This alluring e-liquid lineup includes sub-ohm worthy versions of a variety of fruity, smoky, and tobacco themed blends. As a matter of fact, the company is known for producing the world’s best nicotine salt e-liquids. In the process, the company has amassed a cult following of discerning vapers. So much so, that it’s been deemed worthy of its own line of boutique e-liquids, the aptly titled Pachamama Boutique. Among other cool perks, the company offers a no hassle returns and refund policy, and has been dubbed the best online retailer in the country. And the best part is that you can actually pick up these swagger sexy e-liquids without breaking the bank. You can even opt for a subscription plan, so you’ll never run out of e-juice again.