Oly Frozen 7000 Disposable Vape Device E-Cig

A oly frozen vape is a device that works using a special blend of essential oils and botanicals that are stored in a freezer. It can deliver a powerful, long-lasting and cost-efficient vape experience. Moreover, this device is durable and has a large capacity of 16ml of e-juice.

7000+ puffs per device

Oly Frozen disposable pods are an inexpensive way to enjoy a wide range of flavors. They also provide a satisfying nicotine hit. These disposable vapes are comfortable and are designed to last a long time. You can use them with different e-cigarette brands.

For instance, the Mr Gorilla King 7000 Puffs disposable vape device features a 650 mAh lithium-ion battery, an ergonomic mouthpiece, a 3 inch diameter, and holds up to 3000 puffs. It also includes a charging adapter. Designed for those who want a big vapor cloud, this is an impressive disposable vape.

Unlike the original BLNG devices, the BLNG Air disposable vape offers a high wattage, a large vape juice capacity, and a large battery. This makes it a step up from the original BLNG.

Large 16ml e-juice capacity

Oly Frozen disposable vapes are the perfect choice for vapers looking to enjoy a wide range of flavors while saving on the cost of a permanent device. Each pod contains 16ml of e-juice, giving you plenty of room for a large session.

With its unique design, this disposable vape delivers smooth vapor and a satisfying nicotine hit. It also comes with an ergonomic mouthpiece, making inhaling vapor easier. Pods are designed to last up to 14 days of consistent vaping.

These are available in a variety of flavors, including mango, blueberry, and creamy banana. The pods are made of mesh coils, providing a flavorful experience.

Special blend of essential oils and botanicals

Oly Frozen’s 7000 Disposable has a 16mL of pre-filled 50mg e-liquid, a 600mAh rechargeable battery and a claimed 7000 puffs of fun. This is a pretty good deal for your money, and the company is offering free shipping on all orders. The gizmo consists of a slick black finish and is a cinch to use. Its small footprint means it fits easily in a pocket or purse. Despite its compact size, it’s no slouch when it comes to performance. To top it off, the manufacturer offers a three-year warranty, which is impressive given that it is manufactured by a third party.

Oly Frozen 7000 Disposable Vape Device E-Cig

The Oly Frozen 7000’s name evolves the best thing to do, and while it isn’t the most expensive vape on the market, it is certainly among the best value for money a smoker can get. One of the most attractive features is the included spare cartridge, which is easy to swap out. Likewise, the 7000 Disposable’s internal 600mAh rechargeable battery can provide a decent charge, and its long battery life suggests it is not a short-lived novelty. Lastly, the manufacturer offers a three-year guarantee, which is good news if you are a smoker on a budget.


The Oly Frozen Disposable Vape is an ideal choice for vapers looking for a cost-efficient, high-quality disposable vape. It offers a satisfying nicotine hit, smooth vapor, and a wide range of flavors. This type of vape also features an ergonomic mouthpiece for easier inhalation.

These pods are compatible with a variety of e-cigarettes. They feature a mesh coil that delivers smooth, consistent vapor for a great vaping experience. In addition, they come in a variety of flavors, including mango, strawberry, and blueberry.

These disposables have a large 16ml e-juice capacity and 7000+ puffs. Users can easily change the wattage and temperature mode, and the battery level is displayed with LEDs. Moreover, they are designed to be durable and comfortable.


If you are looking for a high quality disposable vape, then the Oly Frozen may be the best choice for you. It is a compact and convenient vape that provides a great vapor and a satisfying nicotine hit. In addition, it has a dependable design, which will make it last a long time.

Oly Frozen comes in several flavors, including blueberry, mango and strawberry. The vape also features an ergonomic mouthpiece that helps you inhale a nice, smooth vapor. This vape has an impressive 16ml e-juice capacity that allows for a lot of vapor.

The Oly has a number of interesting features, such as a temperature control mode and LEDs that display pertinent information. For instance, the LEDs show the battery level and the coil resistance. You can also change the wattage or mode through the up and arrow buttons.


The Oly Frozen Disposable Vape is an affordable and convenient way to enjoy your favorite vaping flavors. This portable device has a large 16 ml e-juice capacity and delivers a consistent vapor every time you puff. Its design features an ergonomic mouthpiece that makes inhaling vapor easier.

With a lifespan of up to two weeks, you’ll be able to experience smooth vaping sessions with this product. Designed with a mesh coil, this long-lasting disposable is guaranteed to provide an enjoyable flavorful vaping experience. Also, it has an ergonomic mouthpiece that’s designed for easy inhalation, making it an excellent option for both first-time and seasoned vapers.