Fume Extra Vape Purple Rain

The Fume Extra vape is a long-lasting e-liquid combining the flavors of juicy peach and mint. It contains propylene glycol, nicotine, and natural and artificial flavor. The flavor is extremely addictive and contains the same chemicals that cause the body to crave cigarettes. It can last for up to 1,500 puffs.

Infinity Gummy Bear

The Fume Extra Vape Infinity Gummy bear comes with a battery life of up to 100 hours and a flavor that will appeal to gummy bear lovers. The mouthwatering, tangy flavor is a blend of tart blue raspberry and sugar. It is an exceptional vape that is sure to satisfy any sugar craving.

The Fume Extra Vape Infinity Gummy bear comes in three flavors: cherry, gummy bear, and grape. Each flavor combines natural and artificial flavors for a mouth-watering vape. Fume chose the fruity flavor of this particular e-liquid based on market trends.

The Fume Infinity Disposable Vape has an all-new design and is significantly more powerful than the previous models. It comes pre-filled with 12ml of e-juice. Its 1500mAh battery allows users to enjoy several days of vaping. Each pod contains 12ml of 5%/50mg salt nicotine.

Infinity Fresh Vanilla

Fume Infinity’s new tropical fruit flavor is a fruity delight that’s bursting with flavor. This vape combines tropical fruit flavor with cooling menthol. If you’ve ever dreamed of drinking a tropical fruit punch, this flavor is sure to satisfy that craving.

It’s better than vanilla extract or any artificial flavor, delivering a smooth and cool vanilla flavor. The new, innovative design and 12ml e-liquid capacity mean this pod will last you up to three and a half hours! And since it’s a reusable vape, you’ll be able to enjoy the same flavor over.

The Fume Infinity features a brand-new design and a bigger battery. It’s also a lot more powerful, lasting several days without any refills. It also features a cotton candy flavor that’s as sweet as caramel, with an added coolness to it. This flavor is the perfect combination of sweet and sour, and you’ll find it difficult to put down after a couple of puffs.

Infinity Blueberry Mint

The Infinity Blueberry Mint vape by Fume is an original fruit flavor that blends a sweet blueberry with a minty finish. The disposable device is designed for long-lasting vaping and comes with 12ml of e-liquid. The flavor is intense and cooling.

This disposable vape pod comes with a powerful 1500mAh battery and lasts for up to 3500 puffs. With a large battery, this vape can last for days. It comes with a flavor pod that holds 12ml of e-liquid, making it easy to vape all day long.

The Infinity Blueberry Mint fume extra vapor comes in a variety of flavors and is a great option for those who enjoy fruit flavors. The mouthwatering flavor is a favorite among many. This vape comes with a satisfying kick, leaving you wanting more.

Infinity Lush Ice

The Infinity Lush Ice vape by Fume is a disposable vape that delivers mouth-watering watermelon flavor with an icy menthol base. Its fresh fruit flavor will make your eyes roll with each puff, while the menthol flavor will cool you down. It has a battery life of up to three thousand puffs.

Its ice-cold flavor will have you craving more. The Fume Lush Ice 3500 features new technology that helps your vaping experience run smoother. This vape also features a variety of flavors based on user feedback and market trends. Infinity Lush Ice 3500 offers the full line of FUME flavors.

This e-liquid features a wide variety of fruit flavors. Strawberry Banana is a blend of juicy strawberries and banana. Blue Razz features raspberries and blueberries for a sweet and tart taste. Other flavors include banana ice, blueberry mint, cotton candy, and mint ice. Grape ice and lush ice are also available.

Infinity Double Apple

Fume’s Infinity Double Apple vape juice is one of their most popular flavors. This luscious blend of tart and sweet apples has the flavor of ripe red apples and a sweet finish. It is made with vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol, and contains both nicotine and natural and artificial flavors. This is a great vape juice for those who are looking for a fresh taste that won’t be overpowering or overwhelming.

The fruity flavors of the Infinity Double Apple are perfect for those who enjoy a fruity vape. With a salt-based nicotine base, the flavor is both refreshing and soothing. This flavor also contains menthol, which provides cooling relief to the throat.